VIBES Summer Course: Enhancing Recyclability of Thermoset Composite Materials through Greener Recycling Technology


VIBES is pleased to announce its upcoming summer course on improving the recyclability of thermoset composite materials through a greener recycling technology. This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to manage information from various sources, assess its relevance and reliability, and apply it to specific purposes. Additionally, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the basic concepts related to the recyclability of composites and their practical application in sectors such as construction, aeronautics, and naval industries. The course will also highlight the importance and impact of recycling technologies on plastic products and their contribution to the circular economy and sustainability.

The VIBES summer course is a 30-hour program that combines hybrid or blended learning methods. It consists of a 24-hour theoretical component, which will be conducted through Aitiip’s e-learning platform, Aitemy ( and a 6-hour practical part that will take place in person at the headquarters of Teruel Airport (PLATA) in Spain. The blended learning approach employed in this course allows students to take responsibility for their own learning journey and pace by offering an asynchronous course structure. At the same time, it ensures direct and practical engagement, enabling participants to develop a real and current understanding of the subject matter that is tailored to industry requirements.

It is important to note that the course will be conducted exclusively in English, providing participants with an opportunity to enhance their language skills in a professional context.

Course Availability: The online course has been made available since 15th May 2023, and will remain accessible until 15th September 2023, allowing flexibility for students to enroll and complete the program at their convenience.

Practical Session: The face-to-face practical part of the course will take place on 15th September 2023 in PLATA (Teruel Airport) headquarters, located at Polígono de Tiro, 4, 44396 Teruel, Spain.

For University of Zaragoza students who wish to earn credits towards their university studies, a registration fee of 20 Euros is required. To register and make the payment, please visit the following link:

For participants who are either not affiliated with the University of Zaragoza or not interested in the credits but still wish to enroll in the course there are no fees. They can directly create an account and enroll at

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and contribute to a greener future!