The VIBES consortium achieves the project objectives by collaborating in the following activities:

Design and development of at least three 100% biobased bonding materials (BBM) for thermoset composites with tailored debonding functionalities.

Design and development of at least three 100% biobased thermoset composite materials, one per type of industrial sector.

Validation of the developed composite materials with intrinsic recycling properties in relation to optimum performance / cost ratio for three high-demand industrial sectors: aeronautical, construction and naval industries.

Design and pilot implementation of VIBES green recycling technology to separate and valorise the composite components as new feedstocks for the development of new products.

Sustainability and economical assessment of the developed VIBES products.

Exploitation & IPR strategy for Key Exploitable Results.

Development of a Business Plan to demonstrate the commercial potential of VIBES technology and describe how this potential will be realised.

Communication and dissemination activities, aiming at informing, promoting, communicating and disseminating the project objectives, activities and results, as well as engaging stakeholders and creating synergies.

Training activities, aiming at providing knowledge and skills to industry, students and open society.