VIBES Project Attains Milestone with Successful Roundtable Event in Montpellier


The VIBES project celebrated a significant milestone during its roundtable event held on November 29th, 2023. The meeting, hosted in a hybrid format at Disini Hotel, Montpellier, and online via MS Teams, brought together crucial stakeholders and members of the VIBES Stakeholders’ Board. Q-PLAN International organised the event in detail, ensuring meticulous planning from tailored invitations to the distribution of pre-event materials. A total of 20 attendees, including 6 Stakeholders’ Board members, actively participated in the discussions.

The overarching goal of the roundtable was to gather insights from external stakeholders, fostering a productive dialogue aimed at maximising the impact of project actions. Moderated by Dr. Eirini Efthymiadou, the event delved into key aspects of the project, particularly focusing on the design approaches of thermoset composites with intrinsic recyclability and their scale-up steps. These approaches encompassed biobased components, such as biobased bonding materials (BBMs), resins, and fibres. Expert presentations by Work Package leaders—Mr. Samuel Malburet, Prof. Maurice Collins, and Mr. Julio Vidal—highlighted crucial milestones.

The interactive discussions, facilitated by Dr. Eirini Efthymiadou, explored the properties of innovative biobased materials, developed by the project, in relation to market needs and challenges for scaling up. Noteworthy topics included cost and supply chain dynamics, scalability issues, and the intricate nature of biobased materials.

The insights gained will undoubtedly guide future strategies, emphasising the importance of collaboration, responsiveness to market needs, and the effective scaling-up of processes for sustainable composite materials.