VIBES at prestigious events


VIBES was presented in several local and international events to promote the VIBES objectives and achievements.

BCIRCULAR presented the VIBES project to the “Sustainability in Composites challenges and opportunities” conference in Composites Campus of Girona, Spain, on 13th October 2022. Additionally, the partner was present at the Advanced Manufacturing Madrid 2022 Fair held on October 18, 19 and 20 in the Spanish capital. This fair, focused on the composites, robotics and metallurgical industries, is one of the most relevant at the national level. The company was part of the round table organized by Mater Plat under the title “Sustainability and circular economy: opportunities for the materials industry”. During the conference BCIRCULAR had the opportunity to present VIBES, focusing on how the new biobased composites developed will allow us to offer a new range of sustainable composites.