First batch of 3.5 kg of bisphenol-free infusion-type resin formulated for construction sector


This is it! Following the developments of several resin generations carried out by SPECIFIC POLYMERS (SP) to substitute an infusion-type resin for the construction sector, ACCIONA has finally validated a formulation fulfilling all their requirements. With a viscosity lower than 150 mPas at 25 °C, a gel time greater than 400 minutes at 30 °C and the associated glass transition temperature of the resulting thermoset material at 95 °C, a completely bisphenol-free epoxy resin seems to be a promising candidate to substitute current infusion epoxy resins.

In this regard, production at a scale of 3.5 kg of the epoxy part has been achieved by SP to allow ACCIONA to prepare glass and flax fiber reinforced laminate composite panels of 2.5 mm and 5 mm thickness. Ultimate evaluation of the thermomechanical properties and durability of the demonstrators will be finally carried out by ACCIONA through ILSS, swelling and water absorption, DSC, TGA and other durability tests.

Stay tuned for more details!