AITIIP showcases VIBES advancements at Prominent International Events


AITIIP, the project’s coordinator, recently made significant contributions at several prestigious international events, showcasing their innovative research line, VIBES.

At the eMobility Expo World Congress, AITIIP presented their groundbreaking project in a captivating session held in Valencia. The technology center, represented by a panel of esteemed experts, took part in a round table discussion. They disseminated their research findings on VIBES to an audience consisting of numerous industrial representatives, establishing their leadership in the field.

Another noteworthy appearance was at the Wake Up Spain Forum, where AITIIP had the opportunity to address a large audience comprising approximately 1,000 individuals, including industry professionals, academics, and policy makers. During the event, AITIIP’s representatives highlighted the significance of their research line, VIBES, and its potential impact on various industries.

Transfiere 2023, one of the most prominent events in the technology sector, also witnessed AITIIP’s active participation. The technology center set up a booth at the event and showcased a captivating project video, drawing the attention of attendees. Furthermore, AITIIP’s experts participated in a round table discussion, shedding light on innovative recycling technologies, with a special focus on VIBES.

AITIIP further demonstrated their commitment to pioneering research at the Excellence Forum-Automotive Cluster conference. The organization engaged in fruitful online discussions with industry leaders to explore new lines of research, including the groundbreaking VIBES project. These efforts aim to discover novel technologies that enhance the repairability and the recovery of industrial parts.