Adaptation of different adducts towards their incorporation in the thermoset matrix


In VIBES project, AITIIP will tailor different thermoset systems and make them recyclable at controlled temperatures through the modification of several adducts and their incorporation in different thermoset structures.

At this stage of the project, AITIIP’s work is focused on the development and modifications of these adducts (Diels-Alder adducts). AITIIP has already demonstrated that the adducts can be incorporated into epoxy and vinyl ester resins, without avoiding the curing of the resin. AITIIP has also started to cure the resin systems with the proposed adducts linked within the thermoset structure, and the testing of the reversibility process.

In this way, it would be possible to understand, how the different modifications carried out in the chemical structure of the adduct affect the global structure of the thermoset material. Depending on these changes, the temperatures at which the polymeric chains break (covalent adaptable networks; adduct effect) allowing the shape modification, will be tailored.