AITIIP spreads awareness of the VIBES Project


During a recent scientific seminar held at the prestigious International University Menéndez Pelayo, AITIIP presented VIBES to an eager audience comprising 30 students and professors. The seminar, focused on the subject of “solid state polymers,” provided an ideal platform for AITIIP to showcase the innovative developments and advancements made within the VIBES project.

Furthermore, AITIIP actively participated in the workshop titled “The End of a Product, the Beginning of a Material,” organized by the Xunta Galicia. This event brought together industry experts, policy makers, and researchers to explore the potential of sustainable materials in creating a circular economy. AITIIP leveraged the workshop as an opportunity to present the VIBES project, emphasizing its synergies with industry practices.

Last but not least, our coordinator’s commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting innovation led to an exclusive interview with “EASY ENGINEERING” magazine. The interview shed light on the VIBES project, highlighting its technological advancements and the impact it could have on the industry.