AITIIP hosts the 2nd IPPT_TWINN Conference on Advanced Materials and Recycling


Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, in collaboration with COMPOSIFORUM, is set to host the 2nd IPPT_TWINN conference at Zaragoza, Spain, on 14th and 15th of May 2024,  a gathering of experts from various European countries to delve into the current and future landscape of advanced materials in industry. The conference, themed “Challenges, Trends, and Solutions in Developing and Processing Recycled Materials” will focus on the pivotal role of biobased materials in complex and recyclable structures.

As a frontrunner in research and innovation, Aitiip Centro Tecnológico has spearheaded groundbreaking solutions across strategic sectors, leveraging biopolymer materials and biocomposites. The conference aims to foster collaboration among stakeholders from both industry and academia, with a specific emphasis on industries such as packaging, automotive, construction, aerospace, and furniture.

The primary objectives of the event are to facilitate knowledge exchange, highlight best practices, spark innovative ideas, and forge new connections within the R&D ecosystem and across various segments of the industry value chain. Attendees can expect a diverse array of presentations encompassing the latest research findings, industry innovations, real-life case studies, and expert panel discussions.

The conference is part of the IPPT_TWINN project, which seeks to enhance understanding of polymer processing techniques at FTPO. Supported by a consortium of partners from four EU countries, the project endeavors to advance polymer processing capabilities through collaborative scientific endeavors and a series of complementary events, including workshops, summer schools, and expert visits.

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